New Coffee

We’ve got some new coffee here at Aqui.  I returned a couple of weeks ago from a trip to Guatemala where I was able to buy some delicious coffee from too areas of the country: Huehuetenango and Lake Atitlan.  There is only a little bit of the direct trade, organic, coffee, so get it while you can!   Also, just in, a lovely Dry Process, organic, Ethiopian:  Limu Nigussie LemmaGP

Region: Deru Mountain, Meto Gundb area, Limu Gennet woreda (district), Western Ethiopia

Altitude: 1850 up to 2000 meters

Size: 128.5 hectares producing coffee

Climate: relatively lush for Ethiopia

as well as the classic Brasilian Cerrado.

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Hello coffee world!

This is our first post, of which we hope many more will soon follow. We’re excited to finally get our site on line and look forward to serving you the best possible coffee in Tucson.

Our goal is to bring the finest coffee from around the world to Tucson and Southern Arizona. We’re also hoping to educate coffee lovers on the intricacies of coffee roasting and brewing. Stop by our cafe or order some beans from our online shop here.